Getting Started With Treehouse for Business

When getting started with a Business/Organization account, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the account-specific features that you’ll be using.

Business/Organization Account Admins have access to:

Accounts allow for one Owner Admin and as well as Department Admins. All Admins have full access to Treehouse courses and workshops for personal learning. Only Department Admins take up seats in the account.

In most cases, one Admin is all that is needed, but sometimes you’ll need more flexibility, especially for larger accounts. Here are a couple of workarounds for that scenario:

  • Using a Shared Email - Creating a separate email account that multiple folks have access to will enable equal management capabilities across the board. This is the best option if Admins are not concerned with having their own account for individual learning and gaining points/badges. To facilitate this process, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • Create Department Admins - Our Departments Feature allows you to create as many Departments and Department Admins as you’d like. You have the option to assign Co-Admin rights to as many Departments as needed. Department Admins can invite and disable users as well as view statistics of everyone within their Department. This is the best option if all Admins would like to keep their individual accounts and/or if your account contains multiple teams. If you decide to go this route, just be aware that Department Admin seats will count towards your total licenses.

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