Getting Started with Custom Tracks

With Custom Tracks, you have the ability to work with Treehouse’s Customer Success Team to build customized learning paths with content that aligns to your internal learning goals or simply assign an existing Treehouse Track. Once the track has been finalized, Admins can utilize in-app team assignments that allow them to keep members on track with due dates, automated reminders, and progress reporting.

When to Use Custom Tracks

Customers have found Custom Tracks to be a terrific solution for many scenarios including:

  • Onboarding - Get new employees up to speed with your stack so they can hit the ground running
  • Current Job Training - Create a Custom Track that contains content related to solving deeper technical issues or learning a new skill that would make members more efficient
  • Career Path Training - Put your members on learning paths with the frameworks, tools, etc. that they need to know to prepare them for possible promotions to support engineers, QA, or developers
  • Cross-training - If someone is already proficient in their current skillset, build a track that would allow them to learn the skills used by other teams, creating a path for future collaboration

Who Can Manage Custom Tracks

Once the Track is created, it appears in the Company Library for both Owner Admins and Department Admins under My Org > Company Library. Your members will only see a Custom Track if they’ve accepted an invitation to join one

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 4.19.36 PM.png

Creating Custom Tracks

In the Company Library tab in My Org, click the Add Track button. You’ll then be given the choice of requesting a new Track or assigning an existing Treehouse Track. From there, you’ll create the requirements for your new Custom Track, including the content topics and level of difficulty. If you request a Custom Track, our Customer Success Team will then build out the Track for you and alert you when it’s complete.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 4.23.04 PM.png

Step 1: Track Title, Description, Teams and Learning Goals

  • Give the Track a title and description that makes it clear to your members what they’ll be learning. This information will appear on the track card in Company Library. The context provided about the team(s) and goals for your Track will help our Customer Success Team choose the most relevant content.

Step 2: Select Skills

  • Select all of the skills that you’d like your users trained on in this Custom Track. You can select an unlimited number of skills.

Step 3: Set Order & Skill Level

  • To give the Success Team a better sense of the type of content you’ll need, select the difficulty level of the content you’re looking for on each skill. The skills/topics can be organized in order of your choosing in the Custom Track.

Step 4: Publishing the Track

  • Once submitted, the details are sent to the Customer Success Team.
  • Our goal is to produce Custom Tracks within 1 business day.
  • After the track has been created, we’ll email the Admin who requested it to let them know their track is ready to go and in their app.
  • After creation, the track will automatically appear in your Company Library.
  • If you’d like to make any adjustments, you can reach out to the Success Team member who contacted you.

Using a Treehouse Track

Step 1: Select a Treehouse Track

  • Choose from our list of Tracks put together by our teachers, which include topics such as Front End, Backend, Mobile Development, etc.
  • Only one Track can be selected at a time

Step 2: Assigning the Track

  • After selecting your Track, you can immediately choose a Track name, implement a due date, and assign it to your team.
  • For more information on how to do this, please refer to our Assigning Custom Tracks article.

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