Accessing the Community

Once you've created an account with us, you'll have immediate access to our Community forum.

Access to the forum is quick and easy as it's accessible from the main navigation bar found at the top of your screen on any page:

Simply select the Community option on the main navigation bar to access the forum.

Accessing the Community from a Code Challenge

At times, you're going to get stuck on a Code Challenge task that'll leave you scratching your head and flipping through your notes. If you ever find yourself completely stumped and had no luck with going back and rewatching the appropriate video, you can always reach out to the Community directly from the Code Challenge page that you're on

In the screenshot below, you can see that I've been asked to ' Create a table element. Don't add any other elements yet'. Let's say that we were having trouble with providing a correct answer, we can reach out for assistance to the forum using the Get Help button

By using the Get Help button, we create a breadcrumb trail within our forum post so that those who offer assistance can see exactly where you were making your post from and they to can then visit the Code Challenge and the specific task to provide you with quicker assistance. Let's get started! Press Get Help and then proceed to follow the instructions on Posting and Responses.

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