Posting and Responses

In order to ask a question on the forum, there's a series of quick steps you must first take.

  1. First click on the green Ask button
  2. Next, provide a title for the question you are about to post (be sure to check the resources in the reminder section)

  3. After inserting the title of your question, a list of potentially related posts will appear — take a minute to review those as your question may already be answered within one of them 

  4. If none of the recommendations answered your question, proceed to the next step and insert the remaining information for your post. Be sure to include detailed instructions and information within your post that will allow others to easily understand the issue and make sure to select the appropriate category in which your question should be posted in. It'd also be wise to read up on how to style your post using  markdown

  5. Your question is now posted on the forum within the topic section you selected. As long as you left the Email me when someone replies to this discussion option checked, you will receive an email notification when someone has responded to your post, as well as receive a Treehouse notification (bell in top right-hand corner) when someone has responded.

Choosing the Best Answer

After completing a post, both students and staff will be able to respond to your post to provide you with answers or feedback. More often than not, there's one response to the post that is more informative and helpful than the others and it's good practice to elect those informative responses as the 'best answer'. Comments that receive a 'best answer' net their author with a few additional bonus points towards the language in which the post was made in (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) so it's a great way of thanking that individual for taking the time to assist you, and it also helps others who come across your post immediately find the most helpful response within the comment chain.

If you haven't received a helpful answer within 24 hours, send us an email at with a link to your post and we will touch base with our Teaching team.

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