Android Learning Guide

Before you’re ready to dive into Android, it’s recommended to start by learning Java, if you haven’t already. The Beginning Java track would be a great place to start.

Once you’ve completed the Java Track, you’re ready to move onto Beginning Android. By the end of this track, you’ll have what it takes to begin your career in companies that use Java, or you could even launch your own app!

From there, we’d recommend moving on to Intermediate Android, where you’ll see how to create crisp, beautiful animations as well as how to properly test an app, how to use Google Play Services, and even how to massively simplify networking by using Retrofit and RxJava!

Finally, to complete your Android learning journey, end with Advanced Android, learning more advanced concepts in Android, like using threads and services for background work, sharing data with intents and broadcast receivers, and proper testing methodologies.

If you find yourself with questions or need help along the way, be sure to search within our Android section of the Community and if needed, post your questions on the Forum.

If there are any additional questions or concerns you can always reach out to Support at

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