Assistance with a Code Challenge

At times, you may get stuck on passing a task within a Code Challenge. Your first instinct may be to reach out to our support team and ask what's wrong, but because our support team does not consist of teachers or developers, they will be limited in what assistance they can provide. Instead, if you're stuck on this particular task, please create a post on our Community page and provide the following information within your post:

  • Link us to the Code Challenge in question and verify which Task # it is.
  • Post the code you're entering in (remember to use markdown to wrap your code for easy reading) or include a screenshot of your code within the Code Challenge itself, having it include the "Bummer!" message located at the top when it doesn't accept your answer.

Once this is up on the Community page, give it some time for people to see it and respond. If a day has passed and you still haven't received help on what it is you're doing wrong, send a link to your forum post via email to

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