Account Reactivation

If your account is in a canceled state, you can reactivate it by following the steps below:

  1. On the login screen, enter your email address and your account password.
  2. A window will appear alerting you that the account is currently in a canceled state and ask you if you wish to reactivate.
  3. Click on the word reactivate (see screenshot below) to complete reactivation (please note that reactivating your account means you are reactivating your subscription, and billing will ensue).

If your account is paused, you will still be able to log into your account but you will have limited access. To unpause your account, simply select the Reactivate my account option found in the yellow header at the top of your screen.

As with reactivating a canceled account, reactivating a paused account means your reactivating your subscription, thus billing will ensue.

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