Reporting for Custom Tracks

Custom Track reporting can be accessed by clicking on the View Reports button on the main Track card in the Company Library and under the Assignments tab on the Track Details Page.

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The Track Report

The Track Report is separated into two tabs, 1) Dashboard and 2) Assignment Reports. You can navigate between the Dashboard and the Assignment Reports by clicking on the corresponding tab. Clicking on any View Report button on the Dashboard will link you to the corresponding report on the Assignment Reports tab.

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  • Dashboard: A high-level statistical view of the Assignment Reports with the goal of focusing your attention on the students who may need it the most
  • Assignment Reports: Full, sortable table versions of the Dashboard statistics

The Report Dashboard

The Dashboard is broken down into four sections

  • General Track & Assignment information
  • Overall Progress
  • Key Metrics
  • Track Progress
Dashboard: General Track & Assignment Information

The first section is general track information, listing out the Track Name, the number of assignments, and the average days to complete.

You can switch between all of the assignments for the respective track by clicking on the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the report page.

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Dashboard: Overall Progress

The next section represents Overall Progress for the members in the assignment. These statistics are calculated for “All Time” and may include activity that happened before the assignment was created if members have already worked on any content included in the track.

Clicking on any of the View Report metrics will navigate you to the corresponding table on the Assignments Reports tab.

Dashboard: Key Metrics

Key metrics are high-value statistics measured over the last 7 days.

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Focused on three specific areas, they’re designed to give you a sense of:

  • Activity: The total number of activities completed over the last 7 days, followed by the five members with the most number of activities completed
  • Comprehension: The percentage of correct answers submitted in quizzes over the last 7 days, followed by the five members with the lowest correct answer scores over the last 7 days
  • Accountability: The total number of members who are considered “red” in our At Risk calculation, followed by the five members with who are considered most At Risk. The At Risk score is a proactive metric that tries to calculate the likelihood of a student not finishing their assignments based on their activity level.

Clicking on View Activity, Comprehension, and Accountability Reports will navigate you to the corresponding full report on the Assignment Reports tab.

Dashboard: Track Progress

Track progress allows you to get a sense of what percentage of students have completed a course, as well as how many people are currently taking it.

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Clicking View Progress Report will navigate you to the corresponding report on the Assignments Report Page.

Dashboard: Skills

Finally, Skills will list out all of the topics being taught in the Custom Track, with the number of courses dedicated to each topic.

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Assignment Reports

The assignment reports screen holds all versions of the dashboard reports in table form, allowing you to get a breakdown and additional detail around the members in each report.

All of the reports on this page are for “all-time progress.” Clicking on the student’s name will navigate you to their personal profile page. You can also re-sort any column by clicking on the Column header.

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Weekly Email Report

The weekly email report is sent out every Monday to the Admin who created the assignment. If that admin has created multiple assignments, they will receive multiple summary emails. This report will contain a snapshot of your members’ progress, so you’ll be continually updated on how they’re doing.

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