To view the Tracks page, select the tracks option in the main nav bar at the top of your screen.

Tracks are a customized list of courses and workshops, same courses, and workshops you can find in our library, that provide a guided learning path for a particular subject. Another way to put it, tracks take the guesswork out of where to start and where to go next when starting off on a topic you may be new or unfamiliar with.

Once you've joined a track, you'll be presented with a track overview. This overview provides you with additional insight about the content you'll be engaging in, as well as information about salaries and companies that utilize the technologies found in the track:

You can only be enrolled in a singular track at a time, but don't worry, if you find that the one you've joined isn't right for you, simply select another track to join by revisiting the tracks page and selecting "Switch" on the track you wish to move to and it'll automatically remove you from the previous one. There are some course overlap in tracks, so if you come across a course you've already completed (either via another track or individually via the library) it'll be marked completed on any track in which it's a part of.

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