To view the Libraryselect the library option in the main nav bar at the top of your screen.

Our Library page is where you can locate courses, workshops, conferences and bonus series like Dev Team Show, The Treehouse Show, etc.  There's a great deal of content to be found within the library, and while you could just scroll and attempt to find things, it's more efficient to use the navigation bar near the top of the screen to narrow your results.

  • You can click on the text "'Search, Courses, Conferences and Teachers" and type in your own keyword(s)
  • The drop down next to Newest allows you to organize results by latest releases, oldest releases, alphabetically, and by difficulty
  • The Types dropdown filters material by Courses, Workshops, Conferences and Bonus Series content
  • All Topics allows you to narrow results by a specific a topic. For example, if you only wish to see what content we have on JavaScript, you'd select the JavaScript option within All Topics

When you come across a course you wish to investigate, simply click anywhere on the course card to have it bring you to its course overview page where you can then dig deeper into what that course offers. Our library has new content introduced to it every week, so if you're looking for something and you can't find it, take a quick look at our roadmap and see if it's something that we're already working on releasing.

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