Managing Custom Tracks

Admins will be able to view glanceable statistics across all active assignments for the respective Track. To access the Track Details screen, click any of the View Track Details.

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The Track Details screen is broken down into two sections. The section on the left lists out all of the content in the track at the Course and Workshop level.

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Each card includes two statistics. The first number represents the percentage of assigned members who have completed the respective course or workshop across all assignments. The second number represents the number of members who are currently taking that course or workshop. (To see an assignment level version of these statistics, see the Reporting Section).

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On the main track card, you’ll see:

  • The total hours of content in the Track
  • Members: Total members currently assigned to the Track
  • Assignments: Number of assignments active on the Track
  • Track Completions: Number of members who have completed the Track

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Below the general track stats, you have tabs for Member Activity and Assignments. Member Activity displays the 5 most active and least active students over the last 7 days, with the number of activities they’ve completed.

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Clicking on any of the member names will direct you to their Profile page, where you can view detailed information on what they’ve taken and their progress.

Clicking on the Assignments tab displays all of the assignments for the Track. Currently, this is sorted by oldest assignment at the top. You’ll see more options:

  • Click on the Graph icon, displaying the report for the respective assignment
  • Click the “+” icon, bringing up the same Assignment model seen on the Track listing page
  • Click Create a New Assignment, revealing the same assignment creation experience seen on the Track listing page
  • Update content in the Track - This option may or may not be visible depending on your Track. Especially if you choose to assign an existing Treehouse Track, occasionally our teachers will decide to update that Track’s content. You’ll notice this if you see Previous Track Version attached to your assignment, along with a “re-sync” button to update the content.
    • When clicking this button, it’ll give you a warning that updating the content for that assignment may prompt your members to complete the new content, which you may or may not want them to do. If you’re unsure, you can contact your Customer Success Manager before re-syncing the Track’s content.

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Finally, clicking on the Assignment name displays all of the members currently on the track with actions to remove members, add members, and edit the Assignment Name and Due Date.

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